Renters Flood Insurance: A Landlord's Guide

Having renters flood insurance as a landlord may be a good benefit to provide your tenants. This may be particularly important for landlords who rent property that is located in a flood zone and may be having difficulties attracting qualified renters. The policy will give the landlord a selling point in attracting good tenants by providing them with a way to recover from damages and loss that can occur as a result of a flood.

Renters Flood Insurance

Renters have access to flood insurance through FEMA. This is because flood insurance is provided to primary homeowners as other inhabitants as a way to offset the cost of loss that is associated with a flood. The renter is in much a position to benefit from flood insurance since they are at same level of risk as the homeowner.

Renters Insurance

Renters insurance will not cover loss or the risks associated with flooding. The National Flood Insurance Program through FEMA provides for the losses incurred by the homeowner and the tenants based on the policy limit. Most renters however do not inquire about flood insurance or assume that they are covered under the landlord’s policy.

Landlord Responsibilities

As a landlord, you should let renters know about the potential for flooding in the area and the necessity to have separate renter’s flood insurance coverage. This level of disclosure will present the interests of the renter and may even protect you against any liability because you ailed to provide full disclosure.

Information through FEMA

There is a wealth of information available online via FEMA that provides information on flood insurance. This information should be used to help landlords educate tenants and provide them with the necessary information on how to obtain coverage or get additional information. A landlord should take the time to read and understand the available information and make a determination as to how best to deliver information to their tenants.

A renter should be encouraged to have renters insurance as well, as a way to provide renters with protection against the risk of loss. Again, many renters rely on their landlord’s coverage as a way to protect themselves and in many cases such protection does not exist. When a renter obtains renters insurance, they will be able to determine the additional need for flood insurance. The landlord can assist in providing the information to help their tenants make a responsible decision on purchasing insurance.

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