Reasons for Getting Short-Term Disability Insurance

Short-term disability insurance will pay you for the time you miss at work due to injury or illness. Many employers are required to provide this coverage in order to meet their business worker's compensation insurance. However, some employers will give you the opportunity to elect or not elect coverage. If you work for yourself, you may also have the choice of electing independent coverage in case of an emergency. While most people hope they never have to use this coverage, it is important to have the insurance for unforeseen tragedies. 

Don't Turn Down Free Money

Your employer compensates you with more than just salary. When it is time for your boss to consider your total compensation package, including whether you deserve a raise, your boss will have to think about the other benefits you receive at your job. Those benefits may be flexible hours, a work-from-home opportunity or a company car. In nearly every situation, your health and life insurance policies will be part of this consideration as well. 

When you turn down an option for employer supported short-term disability, you are essentially turning down a part of your salary each month. Given, you contribute a few dollars a month to the policy as well. However, your employer historically will contribute more than that in order to provide the insurance to all workers. You should take advantage of the benefit.

You Experience Daily Hazards

The hazards of your job are also a factor in whether you elect short-term disability insurance. Most people are aware of certain obvious risks. For example, dock workers or metal shop workers know their physical hazards very well. Those people in desk jobs know they are at risk for carpal tunnel and other issues. 

However, every person also has daily hazards they may not notice. Do you commute a long distance to work? Does your job require you to be on the road at night? These are daily, high-risk behaviors people often forget to calculate as a hazard. Take these issues into account when you consider the probability you will have to make a disability claim.

You Provide More Than a Salary

When you are injured or ill, you will lose a salary without short-term disability. You may rely on this salary to make car payments or house payments. Most people consider this loss. However, it is important to also consider the other things you do around the home that may be an issue for your dependents if you cannot complete them.

Do you do the laundry every week? You and your dependents may need to send this out if you can no longer perform the task. Do you cook dinner? You may need to start taking out from restaurants if you cannot cook. The same is true for home repairs like replacing light bulbs, repairing appliances and other basic needs. Anything you would need to have someone else do if you were injured should be considered as part of what you provide in your life and the lives of your dependents. Short-term disability will help pay for expenses in these areas as well.

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