Process Of Finding A Home Owner Insurance Lead

For insurance agents, finding a quality home owner insurance lead is essential to selling policies and earning commissions. Without leads, you're often forced to start cold calling or searching online forums and chat rooms on the Internet for leads. However, there are companies that do provide lead services for insurance agents; however, some are better than others, so you should do your research before paying any of these companies for potential leads. Here's a guide will that will show you how to find companies that provide insurance leads for agents:

What You Will Need

An Internet connection

Step 1 – Select Potential Lead Companies

Choose at least five insurance lead providers, and make sure each of them has a reputation of being able to deliver quality leads. One of the first things you should consider is if the company sells exclusive or nonexclusive lead. If the company is providing exclusive leads to you, then you have a much better chance of closing the sale with that particular customer.

However, if the company is providing nonexclusive leaves, you'll be competing against all the other agents that purchased the lead as well. Moreover, the better lead companies actually guarantee that competing agents working for the same companies will not receive the same leads.

Step 2 - Compare Pricing

Once you have chosen at least five insurance lead providers, begin comparing prices and services. Make sure to pay particular attention to any deposit or service fees that may be charged. You should always try to avoid the companies that charge excessively high deposit fees, because they may be charging high upfront fees, and then later provide leads that don't pan out or lead to little or no sales.

You should always expect to pay higher prices for exclusive leads that are brand-new, and have been generated within the last 24 hours. Older leads, or leads older than 48 hours, are usually a lot less - but you won't convert as many of those to policy sales, because other agents have probably already contacted them.

You should also choose a quantity of leads that fits your budget; if this is your one of your first attempts in purchasing leads, you may want to consider purchasing a fewer number and seeing how it works for you first.

Step 3 - Choosing Frequency of Leads

After you compare the rates and requirements of the different companies, you should next choose the frequency and number of leads that you want to receive from the company. Keep in mind, many insurance lead providers do have monthly minimums that you must meet. If you did not purchase the minimum amount of leads, some company companies will assess penalties are charge you a higher per lead price. Always create a sustainable budget for purchasing insurance leads and, and do not go over it - unless you are converting a substantial number of them and can afford to do so.

Also, avoid lead companies that require you to purchase abnormally high amounts of leads at one time; for instance, companies that require you to buy 10 or more leads at a time may be doing so because the leads are not so good.

Step 4 - Check the Refund or Lead Return Policy

Always check with the lead provider to ensure that they have a maximum number of dead leads, or bad leads that they guarantee against. Keep in mind, most lead insurance companies allow a maximum of bad leads up to about 15 or 20%. However, if you're getting bad leads that are more than that, then consider changing lead providers. Furthermore, always make sure that you get credit for your account or a refund for excessive numbers of bad leads.

Step 5 - Choose a Delivery Option

Most providers will send your leads via e-mail, as soon as you request the leads and pay for them. In order to pay for the purchases, you generally simply enter your credit card information and submit the information along with your electronic payment. Alternatively, you can pay to have the leads faxed to you.

Always remember, that leads needs to be acted upon as soon as possible. Therefore, once you receive the leads, try to contact the potential customers as soon as possible. If you receive the leads during business hours, always contact them within the first 30 minutes or one hour after receiving the leads - even if the leads are supposedly exclusive. Although mostly companies do a good job of making sure the exclusive leads are not submitted to the agents, mistakes do happen. So, if the client is going be contacted by an agent - make sure you're the first one.

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