Preparing For Insurance With Your Home Inventory List

An insurance home inventory is an important way to protect yourself in case of loss. Home owner insurance does not just protect the dwelling you live in; it also protects the property you own that you keep inside the dwelling.

What Is An Insurance Inventory?

An insurance inventory is documentation of the personal property you own that would be replaced in case of fire, water damage, or theft. In your inventory, be sure to note makes, models, and serial numbers of electronic equipment and other high-priced items. If you have anything of high value, like collectibles or jewels, you may have to purchase additional insurance to cover those items.

The best way to do an inventory is to video tape your belongings while narrating the information. Alternatively, many insurance companies recommend using a digital camera and a notepad to complete an inventory of your possessions. To be sure you can obtain replacements, you may need to create a detailed list. Although an inventory may take some time, it will be time well spent if something were to happen to your home and property. Be sure to store your inventory video, pictures, and notes away from your home and submit a copy to your insurance company. You will want to update the list at least annually with your newest additions.

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