Pregnancy Means Different Travel Insurance Needs

The cost of pregnancy travel insurance is higher than ordinary travel insurance because pregnant women are considered high risks.

Coverage Needs

  • Basic medical coverage is a must.
  • Delivering constitutes a medical emergency. Emergency coverage is a necessity. Confirm that labor is not considered a preexisting condition.
  • If you are in a more remote location, medical evacuation insurance is important. This means that you will be taken to the nearest care facility, with pre-established sanitary conditions, in your time of need.
  • The likelihood of having to cancel your trip is higher when you are pregnant. Cancellation insurance is standard, but make sure that it applies to high risk travelers.
  • In the case that you deliver your baby while you are on vacation, check that the insurance covers the needs of your newborn.
You Might not be Covered
  • If you are carrying more than one baby.
  • If you did not conceive naturally.
  • If you are more than 28 weeks pregnant.
Details to Note
  • Inform the insurance company that you are pregnant at the time that you buy the insurance.
  • Coverage depends on your insurance company's definition of "complications of pregnancy." Know your company's definition and what is and is not covered under that definition.


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