Potentially Unforeseen Problems with Holiday Insurance

If you are looking into holiday insurance, there are a few things you need to consider before choosing an option for your traveling needs.

Pre-existing Conditions

If you have a pre-existing condition, make sure you mention it to your travel agent because if it is not mentioned, and you have a problem with it, the insurance will not cover any expense relating to the condition.

The same policy applies for the cancellation process. If you tell them “I can’t go because of this,” and you previously did not disclose “this,” you will not be covered.

Dental Procedures

Most holiday insurance, unless stated otherwise, will not cover dental procedures. Dental procedures are reserved for emergencies only. Your insurance company decides whether a situation is an emergency or not.

Only For Emergency Treatment

Just like with the dental insurance, medical treatments must be considered emergencies. Be aware that even if you do not think you are able to travel back home, your insurance company could say you are based in the US and therefore any time you spend in the medical facility outside the US will not be covered.


If you were impaired at the time of the accident because of drinking, for example, the insurance company will not cover your accident.


Adventure sports are usually not covered. If you are injured playing, you may be paying costs from your own pocket. Be careful about the type of sport you engage in while on vacation.

Alternative Medicine

Insurance companies will not cover any type of alternative medicine treatments. You will need to pay for those expenses yourself.

Personal Items

You need to check your holiday insurances fine print regarding personal items. Many times, there is an overall limited coverage detailed in the fine print of your agreement. Also, a police report needs to be filled out if you lost something, or if something is stolen from you. If you do not file one, your insurance company will not review your claim.


For the most part, if you or a family member become ill, or you are required to go to jury duty, then your vacation insurance will cover costs. If you have any other reason they most likely will not.

There are many more things that you will have to look into while deciding which holiday would be best for you. Remember to always read the fine print on anything they give you, and ask questions.

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