Pet Insurance For Horses: Coverage Basics And Options

Horse pet insurance is one of the many pet plans offered at present. Premiums and deductibles for this type of insurance cost higher than other popular pets like dogs and cats. It is because horses have a higher cost of maintenance, particularly the purebreds. However, getting these animals insurance is reasonable and practical because it helps protect the owner from potential financial loss when medical care is needed.

Coverage and Basic Information of a Horse Insurance

Horse pet insurance policies vary. But, most policies have protection coverages that you will find in common. Some of these are:

  • reimbursement for mortality which resulted from injury, accidents, or disease
  • theft reimbursement
  • colic surgery expenses
  • castration or spaying operations costs

Horses that are engaged in competitions like equestrian, rodeo, and racing have higher insurance cost because of their being prone to accidents and injuries. Insurance rates also differ according to what type of breed your horse is. The superior the breed, the higher the rates.

Horse Insurance Options

Horse pet insurance packages come in various options. Most policies give you the option to choose between a full or limited mortality, and theft coverage. You can add other forms of protection to your coverage, like major medical and surgical operations, diagnostic testing, and other clinical treatments. Some insurance providers grant owners to upgrade the plans by adding more coverages. Doing this also means higher premiums.


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