Pet Health Care Insurance: Controlling the Deductible

Pet owners have widely embraced the idea of pet health care insurance. Getting our pets insurance plans, assures the welfare and being of our canine or feline friend. However, the financial aspect of availing one sometimes give us headache. One concern is the high cost of deductible. Is there a way to control pet insurance deductible?

Examining the Types of Deductibles in Pet Insurance

Like any other insurance, pet plans also have deductibles. It comes in three types. These are:

  • annual deductible - Is the amount you are required to pay within a year before any health condition expenses is paid.
  • per-visit deductible - Is the amount paid each time your pet gets the vet's care due to a condition that needs immediate attention.
  • per-incident deductible - Is the amount paid in every related condition or accident.

Considering a Deductible That Makes Insurance Affordable

The amount of deductible you pay in a pet health care insurance relies on what type you applied. Deductibles ranges from $0 to $1000. One of the things you need to consider is your financial capability to pay it. Consider what is affordable and practical, but at the same time, the one that could cater your pet's needs.

Choosing Between Lower or Higher Deductibles in a Pet Plan

Lower or higher deductible? Which one is best? Both have its pros and cons when it comes to choosing your pet health care insurance. Higher deductible in a pet health care insurance means, your monthly or annual premium is lowered. However, the amount you pay each time your pet needs clinical care could be higher. Lower deductible is the opposite.


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