Obtaining Cheap Classic Car Insurance For Liability Only

Classic car owners should consider what they want to do with their vehicles and how often then want to drive them and pick the insurance accordingly.

Classic Cars and Insurance

Classic cars were built between the late 1930s and mid-1970s. If the cars are used on a daily basis, the owners will have to settle for standard insurance. Standard insurance can be expensive and have higher premiums and greater liability costs.

If the owner agrees, however, to limit the use of their cars, they can become eligible for more specialized, cheaper auto insurance policies.

Specialized Classic Car Insurance Policies

These policies are designed only for the policyholders that does not drive their classic car around town on a daily basis. Insurance companies offer cheaper rates because their risk  is reduced. In order to qualify for specialized insurance, classic car owners will usually need to meet the following requirements:

  • Limited driving - owners must agree to only drive their classic cars to car enthusiast events such as auto shows, and pleasure drive for limited periods of time. They must also show that they have an insured vehicle they can drive on day-to-day basis.
  • Storage - classic cars must be kept in a secured, fully enclosed space.
  • Perfect record - owners must show that they were not involved in any accidents or have received any DYI convictions over the past 2 to 5 years.
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