New Car Insurance And Mistakes To Avoid

After purchasing a new car , the next step is to find the right new car insurance that will be best for you. There are some common mistakes that you should avoid in order to purchase your new car insurance as efficiently as possible.

Not Shopping Around

Shopping around for car insurance is important. When you start shopping for car insurance, be prepared to talk to several different companies about different policies and discounts that you might be eligible for.  Ask questions and do not be shy if you are not clear on something.  You can shop around for car insurance in person, on the phone, or on the Internet.  All of these options provide you with good resources for finding quotes and making smart decisions.

Not Asking About Discounts

It would truly be a mistake if you do not ask about discounts that you might be eligible for from each company that you speak to.  There are all sorts of discounts that drivers can qualify for, ranging from discounts because you have an anti-theft system in your car to discounts connected to your specific profession.  Ways to get some of these discounts include: being insured by the same company for your homeowners and car insurance, being a member of AAA or other professional organizations, and, if you are student, making good grades and displaying excellence in school.

Not Telling the Truth

If your driving record is less than squeaky clean you may think it's a good idea to hide your history from an insurance company.  Not only will this result in getting a misquote on a policy, but it will also lead to you paying much more in the long run as the insurance company will certainly find out the truth.  Every insurance company performs a check on each driver's history.

Being Over-insured or Underinsured

If you carefully read each policy that you look at, you can avoid becoming over-insured.  You may already have some of the options available through new car insurance policies.  For example, if you are a member of AAA you do not need to take out roadside assistance/towing insurance through your car insurance provider.  Know what you already have before you start reading through policies to save yourself money.  Being underinsured is also a problem.  If you only buy the minimum car insurance requirements in your state, you could find yourself in a true financial bind if you are involved in an accident.  Make sure that the amount of insurance you decide on is truly appropriate for your new car.

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