Negotiating The Best Price On Car Insurance

Negotiating the best price car insurance requires doing some homework and shopping around, but it can save you a great deal of money.

Things Needed

  • Vehicle year, make, model and type
  • Vehicle identification number
  • Current coverage, if applicable

Step One – Gather Rates

Taking the information you have gathered about your car and the coverage you now have (or want to have), go to online insurance quote generators and call local insurers.

Gather the rates they are willing to offer based on the information you give them

Step Two – Compare and Choose

Compare rates from each of the insurers and choose the top three or four with whom to negotiate.

Decide based on rates offered and coverage offered. Also look at the insurance ratings for the company. See if they are financially secure and if their customers are happy with them.

Step Three – Talk to a Person

While the rates insurers charge are set, you may be able to bring things to their attention that will lower your rate. Mention any multiple cars.

Ask about any safety devices such as alarm systems or locators. Ask about safe driver discounts and talk to the agent about how many miles you drive the vehicle – if you use it rarely, the rates are lower.

With a little searching and a little talking, you are sure to find the best price car insurance available.
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