Need Help Filing that Auto Accident Insurance Claim?

Filing an auto accident insurance claim is something that a lot of people have never done before. When you are in an accident, your insurance company will have a protocol that needs to be followed. It is best to check with them before anything happens so you'll know what to do. Here are the basic steps that are common to all carriers.

1. Call Your Agent or Helpline

Most of the insurance companies have a helpline that you can call toll free when you have a claim. If your company does not have one, call your agent. Regardless of who you are supposed to call, you need to call them immediately.

2. Tell Them What Happened

Even if it looks unfavorably on you, tell them exactly what happened. You should never try to shade the truth for your insurance company.

3. Follow Instructions

Do what the person on the other end of the phone says. Many times they will request that you take your car to a certain place to get fixed. It will be much easier to get them to pay if you follow the directions exactly.


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