Need Group Medical Insurance? Putting Your Health First

You never know when you might need group medical insurance. You should always put your health first because today you can be healthy but tomorrow an accident or illness can take your health away from you. Never take it for granted.

If your employer offers group medical insurance you should always opt in. Not doing so could be the biggest mistake you make when it comes to your health. If we lived in a world that was perfect we’d eat well and take care of ourselves, then never worry about if we might need a doctor or hospital.

The trouble is medical care is expensive. Just a visit to the doctor’s office can cost a couple of hundred dollars, and a stay in the hospital could cause financial ruin for your family. That’s why you need group medical insurance. Company health care is one of the most affordable options available.

Pre-existing Conditions

Pre-existing conditions can stop a person from finding individual health insurance, or at the very least any medical bills relating to that condition will not be covered. There may be a short waiting period first, but group medical insurance almost always picks up these pre-existing conditions.

Affordable Medical

Group medical insurance cuts the cost of premiums significantly. Premiums otherwise can be very expensive, often out of the budget of many Americans, especially if there are previous health problems. There are so many different types of group medical insurance that a company can choose from, that finding the right mix for the company and the worker’s is easy.

Family Coverage

If an employee has a family the group medical insurance family plan offers the entire family peace of mind that should they become injured or ill they will be able to get the medical attention needed. As the breadwinner in the family this is very important. Because if you become ill or injured and aren’t able to get the help needed to get better quickly your family’s income will also be gone.

Lower Turn Over

If you are an employer and you don’t currently offer group medical insurance, why not start looking for a good company plan right now? It’s the best way to keep employees and bring new ones onto the team, and certainly helps boost moral. It’s a well known fact that group medical insurance drops the turn over rate to almost nil. Plans can start with just 2 employees.

Your health should come first. Whenever group medical insurance is available you should never opt out, because when you do you are putting your financial future and that of your family’s at risk.

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