Must a School Have Accident Insurance?

When we send our children to school we trust that the school's accident insurance will cover anything that may happen. But are schools required to carry this?

General Coverage
Whether or not a school has to carry accident insurance will greatly depend on where the school is located, and what the local legislation is. For the most part though, a school is not required to carry general accident insurance. If your child rides a school bus, the bus will have insurance. But while the child is on school property, it may not be covered.

Sports and Activities
Most school districts will offer insurance to students who are involved in sports or other extra-curricula activities. Some schools will carry this type of insurance and pass the cost on to the parent, and others will require that you’re insurance cover it. The school is responsible for either providing coverage, or making you aware that they don’t.

Just in Case
Many insurance companies will offer special accident coverage for children enrolled in school. It’s a good idea to check in to this for your child in case your school doesn’t offer it. Even if the school does, the limits may be low and you may be better off carrying your own.

Check with the local school to find out about their accident insurance coverage and policies to be on the safe side.

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