Multi Trip Travel Insurance: Typical Payment Plans

If you do a lot of traveling, whether for enjoyment or for work, then you will most likely want to purchase multi trip travel insurance. Also called annual travel insurance, not only is it easier than purchasing single trip travel insurance every time you travel, it is also more cost efficient, since you are essentially buying your insurance in bulk.

Payment Plan

With single trip travel insurance, you generally pay the cost up front. With multi trip insurance, you can opt into a monthly payment plan, which can make these easier and more convenient for you. While multi travel insurance works out to be cheaper per trip than single trip travel insurance, because you are paying for year long travel, the end cost is higher. By being able to pay monthly, rather than having to pay for it in a lump some, it is much easier on your pocket book. There will be a monthly interest rate, so make sure you find out what it is before hand, so there won’t be any surprises.


As with single trip travel insurance, your multi travel insurance cost will depend on the plan that you choose. 

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