Multi Trip Holiday Insurance: Identifying a Good Deal

Multi trip holiday insurance protects the traveler who vacations more than once a year and/or who must extend a vacation unexpectedly. Travelers who identify a good deal can receive extensive coverage and save money.

What Multi Trip Insurance Covers

Like regular holiday insurance, multi trip holiday insurance covers:

  • unexpected hospital visits – Emergency hospital visits due to sudden illness or an accident can be expensive unless you have insurance.
  • theft and damage – Travelers are reimbursed for any theft of or damage to their possessions or vehicle during the trip.
  • cancellation – Should you need to cancel your trip, you will be reimbursed the cost or partial cost of otherwise non-refundable transportation tickets and hotel stays.
What Sets Multi Trip Insurance Apart

Multi trip insurance is different than regular holiday insurance in that it covers:
  • extended stays – Sometimes a vacationer is having such a good time, he or she decides to stay on holiday a few extra days. Or perhaps the traveler is visiting friends or family when the loved one falls ill and the traveler decides to stay a few extra days to help nurse him or her. Oftentimes travelers don’t realize that their regular holiday insurance expires on the original planned departure day regardless of the reasons for the extended trip. Multi trip insurance lasts up to 15, 30, 75, or 90 days after the traveler leaves for vacation.
  • frequent traveling – Travelers who vacation more than once a year may find they will save money by purchasing multi trip holiday insurance for a long period of time, rather than purchasing separate holiday insurance packages for the individual trips.
Finding the Best Deal

With the Internet at your finger tips, you should be able to search and compare multi trip insurance rates and coverage. Look for insurance and travel agents that:
  • have a high A.M. Best rating – A.M. Best is an independent company that evaluates insurance and travel agents. Honest agents that offer superior insurance will proudly display their high rating (A++ is the best; F is the worst). If an agent refuses to release the rating, look elsewhere.
  • have flexible coverage – You should be able to purchase multi trip holiday insurance that’s best suited for your needs. Select agents that offer different time periods (up to 90 days) and different levels of coverage. If you don’t have to get insurance that covers something that’s unnecessary for you, you won’t have to pay for that extra bit of coverage.

Get Offline

Don’t rely entirely on what you find online to secure you the best deal on multi trip holiday insurance. Go ahead and call the insurance and travel agents that seem to have the best deal. Ask them if you can get a better deal! Many agents may be willing to offer you bonus coverage or lower rates should you take the time to speak with them.


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