Motor Truck Cargo Insurance Options for Your Shipments

If you are shipping something large and important motor truck cargo Insurance can protect your valuables.  This insurance protects the truckers and the property they transport.

What is Motor Truck Cargo insurance?

Motor truck cargo insurance protects your property and your shipper. It will cover the value of your merchandise, while it is in possession of the company performing the shipment of your items. As the shipper, you should know the coverage of your cargo. If one company does not offer the policy that you need to protect your package, contact another. By law, all shipping companies must carry a form of motor truck cargo insurance. There are 3 basic options to choose from.

  • Total loss coverage. Your shipment is totally insured against; collision, overturning, derailment, fire, lightning, sprinkler damage, acts of God, collapse of dock, stranding, and sinking. This only covers your package if the entire shipment is destroyed. It covers all items new or used.
  • Basic Risk coverage. This option covers the same as Total Loss coverage with the addition of theft or non delivery. This does not require the entire shipment to be lost. This also covers new and used items shipped.
  • All Risk coverage. This option does not have any exclusion’s and is the most comprehensive choice. It covers total shipment loss and partial. There is added coverage for loading and unloading, war, strikes, civil commotions, duty, theft and door to door.

Keep in mind that there may be extra fees involved in shipment of a vehicle, motorcycle and a few other items that are not normally shipped in this manner.

Make sure your shipment is insured.

Motor truck cargo insurance only covers the actual time that the shipping company is in possession of your shipment. That is the definition of door-to-door. From the time they pick up at your location, until they drop off. Once your package is no longer in the shipping company's possession this means that you will have to make sure that you shipment is picked up from and dropped off at a secure location.

Ask questions about the Motor truck cargo insurance. Find out what, if anything is not covered under the shippers liability insurance. Look at what a typical motor truck cargo insurance policy covers. This information can be readily found on the internet.

Your items are not covered if any damage happens inside the packaging itself. This can include, not being packaged properly, bugs get in, moisture that has caused your shipment to rust or corrode.

Do a little research. Make sure your package is packed in the safest manner possible, and choose a shipping company with the right motor truck cargo insurance will insure that your valuables get to their desired destination safe and sound.
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