Motor Home Insurance: Coverage for the Road

Motor home insurance is a combination of automobile insurance and home insurance. Policies last from six months to one year.

Types of Insurance

One type of insurance that you can get is called total loss replacement. If you have a new motor home and something disastrous happens to it, this coverage will give you a replacement RV. If you have an older motor home, you will get a cash payout equal to the value of the motor home. Another type of insurance is called emergency expense coverage. If you are traveling for leisure and run into a problem, emergency expense motor home insurance will cover you for temporary living, transportation, and any other reasonable expenses.

Tow or companion vehicles insurance is another option. Some policies include a 24 hour hotline to call in case of emergencies. If you need to be towed, at any time, you can call and they will be taken care of. This includes towing of your companion vehicle, which would be attached to your motor home.

Specialty coverage is important if you live full time in your motor home, certain companies will craft policies to meet your specific needs.

If you cause an accident which leads to personal or property damage, this will cover medical expenses and any other expenses incurred by the damaged party. For this you will need bodily injury and accident coverage.

Special Deals

If you are an AARP member, you can purchase motor home insurance that covers you for things such as a serious car accident, property damage, payments for medical attention, collision coverage, and towing reimbursements. If you are a member of an RV association, you also may be eligible for special discounts.

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