Mobile vs. Home Owner Insurance: Which Do You Need?

Mobile home owner insurance can provide special coverage that you need as a mobile home owner that should not be overlooked.

Home vs. Mobile Home Insurance

In both home and mobile home insurance, the basic coverage structure is the same. Your property is covered against damages resulting from fire, water, or vandalism. Liability coverage protects you in case someone is injured while on your property. However, a basic home owner insurance policy may not provide adequate coverage to the mobile home owner that can be considered in a specialty coverage policy specifically designed for mobile homes.

Mobile Home Insurance Coverage

If you own a mobile home, you know that these homes can face considerable additional risk for damage from things that may not affect ordinary homes. Damage from wind, lightning, and other storms can be more significant with a mobile home, so it is important to obtain coverage that will protect you. In addition, while a homeowner policy will usually cover repairs, mobile home owners often need the slightly-more-expensive replacement cost insurance, which ensures that if the home is damaged beyond repair the insurance claim will pay for a replacement home.

If you own a shed, have an attached or detached garage, or own property in addition to the mobile home, you can typically extend your mobile home insurance to cover these additional structures. Be sure you talk to your insurance provider about your specific needs and obtain coverage for all of your property.

If you have valuable collectibles or jewelry, you can easily obtain a rider for your mobile home insurance policy, as you can with the home owner policy, to cover these items. You may need to provide proof of their value and an itemized list of the items in the collection to obtain coverage.

Mobile Home Insurance Additional Considerations

When you are purchasing mobile home insurance, you should consider additional coverage. Because mobile homes are "mobile" and can be moved, if there is any chance you may have to move your home, you should purchase trip collision coverage to protect your mobile home if you have to move it.

You can also obtain emergency coverage in case you have to move the home to protect it from being damaged, for example, during a flood or when a mobile home park is forced to close. Since moving the home can be expensive, this coverage can be quite worthwhile.

Before making a final decision about the insurance you need, be sure to shop around. Discuss your questions and concerns with an agent, and be sure you are obtaining the coverage you need.

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