Mobile Home Renters Insurance: Protecting Your Contents

Mobile home renters insurance can protect you against damage and loss relating to your mobile home. Without renters insurance, you can experience a huge financial loss if disaster strikes. Renters insurance is a good idea for all renters. However, mobile home renters face several aggregated risks because of the type of structures they live in. It is important to specifically seek mobile home renters insurance. Doing so will protect you against these risks:

Natural disasters: Mobile homes do not have a strong connection to the land they are on. Hurricanes and tornadoes do more damage to homes that have neither a foundation nor underground plumbing.

Flood and fire damage:  Mobile home parks are particularly vulnerable to floods and fire. Because the homes are on smaller lots and have less insulation, fires and floods spread easily from one home to the next.

Theft: Mobile homes are often less secure than other types of residences. If you do not have security system or enclosed parking and storage, your belongings are at risk of theft.


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