Mobile Home Insurance Coverage Options

Mobile home insurance is an insurance policy that covers the expenses related to repair of mobile homes and any property contained within it. Mobile homes, also known as manufactured homes, come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. Mobile home insurance will cover them all. The only exception is modular homes, the manufactured homes assembled from several components – they are covered by standard home insurance. Mobile home insurance policies come with several coverage options, but few insurance policies will offer them all. Of course, few homeowners would need all coverage options.

Comprehensive Coverage

This is the most basic type of coverage. It is the default option for all insurance policies. It covers sudden, direct and accidental losses that don’t require their own specific types of coverage. In other words, it will cover weather damage, environmental damage, damage caused by wild animals, man-made damage such as vandalism and collision and crime that harms the home and the personal property. Different insurance companies have different definition of what each category entail. Some companies, for example, may only cover hail damage in certain parts of United States, or it may not cover it at all.

In many cases, comprehensive coverage is divided into two parts – the coverage of the home itself and the coverage of personal possessions. The later is meant to protect owner’s property and the property of anyone who lives in the house. It does not cover guests or anyone who lives there temporarily.

Liability Coverage

Liability coverage protects policyholders from lawsuits brought on by injuries and policy damage that occur on their property. It will cover compensation to the injured party, legal defense costs and any awards and settlements the policyholders will have to pay. The insurance companies impose caps on just how much money may be used for this purpose – the policyholders would have to cover anything the insurance doesn’t out of their own pockets.

Guest Medical Coverage

This covers medical expenses that were due to injuries, illnesses and other medical emergencies, regardless of who may be at fault. Depending on the policy, this may pay for anything from emergency room visits and ambulance costs to surgeries, dental procedures and repair and replacement of eye glasses and hearing aids. It will not cover anything too elaborate. In many policies, this coverage is incorporated into liability coverage.

Reimbursed Living Expenses

If the mobile home is damaged to the point where the owner has to move out while it’s being repaired, this will help the owner pay for comfortable living quarters until the repairs are complete. This only applies if such expenses exceed the owner’s usual living expenses. Furthermore, it will only pay for “reasonably comfortable accommodations” – in other words, while it will let the owner stay in a comfortable apartment, it would not help him or her pay to stay in their locale’s biggest five-star hotel.

Flood Insurance

Usually included separately, this will cover the costs of repairing any and all flood damage. This is especially important in flood-prone areas or any mobile homes that are located near any body of water – otherwise, this is something that policyholders can easily do without.

Other Coverage

In addition to the coverage options listed above, insurance companies offer a variety of options designed to supplement them. For example, they may offer special coverage for high-value items that are considered too valuable to fit the comprehensive coverage, extra liability coverage, earthquake coverage, etc. It would be impossible to list every type of coverage in one paragraph, but no policy would have every single possible option anyway.

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