Medical Insurance Claims - Making Sure Your Not Denied

Medical insurance claims are used when you need to obtain reimbursements from your health insurance company. In order to have your medical services covered by your health insurance, you need to properly file a medical insurance claim. Filing a successful claim, and therefore receiving reimbursements, depends on following two simple steps.

Step 1 -  Get Documentation

Keep records of every medical service that you get. Make sure that you have the doctor’s name that performed each service, the dates of everything, and the cost of every service. If you do not record the price of one service, you will not be reimbursed for that service. This list should also include prescriptions and their prices. Make sure that every part of a service, including the help of every doctor involved in every procedure, is covered under your insurance.   

Step 2 -  Fill Out Forms

Contact your insurance company to receive a claim form. Fill out the claim form completely and accurately. Do not leave anything blank.  Ask your doctor or your insurance agent for help if you need it. Your doctor will have to fill out his/her own section of the form.  Make sure that he/she fills out the section completely and does not leave anything abstract. Your doctor will need to record dates of treatment, services rendered, and other specifics. Submit the claim as quickly as possible.

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