Maximizing Your Accident Insurance Coverage

Having auto insurance is important for everyone, but you should know how to maximize your accident insurance coverage.  While legally everyone needs to have accident insurance coverage, most people are unaware of how to save money with their coverage. T his article will explain how to maximize your coverage.

After an Accident

The first thing you need to do is to call the police directly after the accident occurs.  Without a police report, you have no legal insurance claim.  If there is any significant damage to the car, don’t attempt to drive it.  Have it towed to the body shop of your choice.  The body shop will give you an estimate that will show you if the car will be able
to be fixed, or if it should be totaled.

Call Your Insurance Company

You need to call your insurance immediately to report the accident.  You can either use your own insurance, or use your collision insurance. You will have to pay a deductible with your own insurance but the process may go more quickly.  The repairs will be paid for in total, minus your deductible.  If the other driver is at fault, your deductible may be reimbursed.

Assuming that the other driver is the cause of the accident, you can place a claim with his insurance for the cost of the towing, the repair work and the rental car.  The process may take a while since both insurance companies will want to revue the accident report and investigate the accident for themselves.

Rental Cars

If you want your insurance to pay for your rental car, you must receive approval from your insurance first.  Some policies only pay a certain percentage a day for a rental car, so you need to know what their policy is before you decide to rent the car. Typically, you will be responsible for the gas.  It can also be a good idea to get the unlimited mile package so that you don’t need to worry about going over your mileage limits.

Medical Pay

If you’ve been in injured in an accident you can also use part of your insurance called medical pay.  This section of your insurance pays for your medical bills, up to a certain amount.  This compensation is alloted immediately.  You will need to deliver the medical bills to your insurance company, and they will pay. Sometimes, you may still be responsible for a portion yourself, so read the fine print.

If the other party is responsible for the accident, you can make a liability claim for your medical damages.  You probably will not be compensated until both insurance companies complete their investigations.

You need to provide proof of any damages.  So, keep your medical bills, receipts for any body work, and rental expenses in order to give to both insurance companies.  Keeping everything in writing will make the process of receiving payment for your losses much quicker and easier.  If you should need medical treatment, or cannot continue working, you can have you doctor or therapists, write a statement for your records.  You may also need to get a wage loss verification from your employer and have them note that you have missed work or will miss work.
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