Lowering Your Life Insurance Rates

Life insurance is one commodity that virtually all of us know we need, but none of us is really excited to shop for. Many policyowners just seem to automatically feel that they paid too much. But you don't have to. Regardless of whether you're a first-time life insurance purchaser or you already have coverage but want to see if there are lower rates available, the following tips can help you search out the best possible policy for the best possible price:

  • Get recommendations from family members, friends and acquaintances. They'll generally tell you about their experiences with a current (or former) insurance agent – good or bad. If they did some shopping around and are happy with the agent they chose, the likelihood is that you probably will be, too.
  • Once you compile a list of insurance agents to receive quotes from, be sure to ask each of them about every discount that they may be offering. Don't overlook any that might be available. You could be surprised at the number of discounts that you actually qualify for. But you won't know unless you ask.
  • Be sure to get quotes from at least five different agents. Some are affiliated with only one insurance company, while others are independent insurance agents that represent several different companies. Independent agents will typically run at least two or three quotes to find the best policy that they can offer you. If the agent doesn't automatically tell you, ask how many companies' quotes he or she is comparing to arrive at your best deal.
  • Don't only consult "live" agents, however. Get quotes from at least five different online insurance sites, as well. Again, look for specific company sites and independent agent sites. There are also websites available that will search through a dozen or more life insurance companies to find you the best three or four quotes available.
  • Factor in any available discounts if you purchase life insurance through the same company that covers your auto or home. (Just remember that even with these discounts, you may be able to find a policy through a separate provider for considerably less money.)
  • If you're not already, become a safe driver. Most folks are aware that this helps with their auto insurance costs, but did you know it affects your life insurance premiums as well? If you have a bad driving record, you're considered to be more of a risk to ultimately 'cash in' that life insurance early. The same rationale applies if you own a sports car or powerful motorcycle. So, you can either change those circumstances or simply be prepared to pay more for coverage.

No one looks forward to shopping for life insurance, but you can save yourself a lot of money in premiums if you take a little extra time to do it right. The two major keys to finding affordable life insurance are shop, shop, shop and quote, quote, quote. Follow those principles and you'll be able to find the best policy to fit your needs at a price that you can 'live' with.

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