Lower RV Insurance Rates With These Simple Steps

RV insurance rates can be purchased through most companies that sell regular car insurance. RV insurance rates are lower than may be expected because motor homes are relatively low risk vehicles. Insurance companies categorize motor homes as low risk because owners of motor homes are usually safe drivers that do not take their vehicles through crowded cites or highways during rush hour. Look for companies that provide comprehensive packages that meet your specific needs.    

Determine Your Situation

If you are a part time motor home driver and use the vehicle for traveling, you can suspend your coverage while the vehicle is in storage. Securing your vehicle in a low risk location may result in lower payments during the storage period. If you are a full-time driver and your motor home is your main or only place of residence, you can receive discounts on total reimbursement packages and complete liability policies. As a full-timer you will have to make sure that your personal property is covered as it would be under a home insurance policy.    

Search for Packages

Buying in bulk is always cheaper. One option is to group together your RV insurance with your car insurance. Another package includes RV and home insurance. Bulking together boat or recreational vehicle insurance with RV insurance also leads to lower rates.  

Pay to Save

If you pay to attend a defensive driving course, your RV insurance will lower as a result. Purchase slightly more than baseline safety equipment for your motor home, such as an anti-theft device or alarm or extra brakes, and your rates will go down as well.       

Join Groups

You may be eligible for special rates without knowing. For example, if you are above 50 years old and are an AARP member, you can obtain discounted insurance.  Instead of having six-month policies, AARP grants its members twelve month policies with options for renewal for the rest of your life. If you join an RV association, you may also be eligible to receive lower insurance rates.    

Meet Benchmarks

If you hit certain milestones, your rates will lower. For instance, if you are insured for one year without requiring reimbursements, you will usually see a decrease in your payments. If you purchase online, your premium may be lowered and processing costs may be waived completely.  f you buy from certain companies, after periods of time you cannot be denied approval for additional coverage.

Ask About Discounts

Always ask your insurance company if there are any discounts available for rv insurance rates. Certain personal characteristics, such as being a non-smoker, previously owning a motor home, or having a good driving record, may qualify you for discounts with some companies.

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