Life Insurance: What Is an Endorsement?

A life insurance endorsement is a document that is used in order to make some type of change to the original life insurance policy. This is typically a piece of paper that is attached to the original document. You will be able to read the document and see exactly what has been changed from the original policy that was used by the insurance company. When an endorsement is used, it can change the amount of your insurance premiums as well. When you see an endorsement, you want to make sure that you read it so that you will know what has changed.

A life insurance endorsement is necessary so that a life insurance policy can be easily amended. If you did not use an endorsement, you would have to rewrite the entire insurance contract. Since there are a lot of details in an insurance contract, this could take a considerable amount of time. By using an endorsement, the insurance carrier will be able to add or delete coverages or items from your contract. 

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