Life and Health Insurance Exam Grading Details

Before a person can become an insurance agent that sells Life and Health Insurance, Exam Grading Details must be satisfied. Every state requires that life and health insurance agents pass an exam before they can write polices and begin selling insurance.

Exam Grade Requirements

Every state has their requirements regarding the licensing exam. Exams must be taken by every potential life and health insurance agent. For example, the correct answer percentage rate required to pass the exam in some states may be as low as 70%, while some states require that people wishing to receive a license as a health and life insurance rates get at least 85% of the state licensure exam questions correct in order to pass.

Besides passing the life and health insurance exam, all states require that agents undergo between 20 and 50 hours of classroom training before they can take the exam. This classroom training ensures that agents have the minimum levels of required knowledge needed to explain different types of insurance coverage to potential policyholders answer questions about common benefits and know how to meet state requirements for selling and writing health and life insurance policies. Taking the required courses and passing the licensure exam helps insure that insurance agents are competent and provide accurate information to consumers.

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