Leaving For International Travel? Check Your Medical Insurance

When you’re going on an international trip most likely your U. S. medical insurance won’t cover you, you'll need international travel medical insurance. Medicare definitely won’t apply beyond the U.S. borders.

Checking Your Medical Insurance

Ask your insurance agent if your medical insurance provides coverage internationally. If your current policy provides coverage internationally, but has limitations, international travel medical insurance can cover what your primary insurance doesn’t handle. This reduces using your own funds for medical expenses.

Providing that you medical insurances covers medical expenses for the place you’re traveling to, bring your insurance policy identity card and a claim form. You may be able to get supplemental coverage from your regular insurance provider.

Finding International Travel Medical Insurance

Once you find that you health insurance doesn’t cover international travel, you need to buy international travel medical insurance. You can go to comparison sites or directly to a travel insurance site in order to get international travel medical insurance.

What International Travel Medical Insurance Covers

International travel medical insurance covers emergency medical and dental care, medical evacuation, accidental death and dismemberment. Basically, if you need medical coverage while traveling, but don’t need the expanded coverage of a package plan, international travel medical insurance, is a good idea. Some plans include some of the benefits of a package plan.

What International Travel Medical Insurance Doesn’t Cover

The fine print could state it doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions. If not, this is probably because of treatments for a condition your doctor diagnosed during the previous six to twelve months. Also, watch for policies that aren’t genuine medical insurance policies. For example, you might get reimbursed for an emergency like illness or death, though actual medical costs may not be fully covered.

Consider purchasing travel medical insurance that covers emergency surgery and long periods in the hospital. This way, even though your primary medical might cover some of the expenses, the travel medical well cover these contingencies completely and adjust with your primary insurance later. It makes for a less stressful situation for you.

Cost of international Travel Medical Insurance

Usually, the premium is calculated by considering the time span of the trip, the traveler’s age, and coverage amount.

For more information concerning how-to find international travel medical insurance go to http://www.ustia.org/news/articles/travelassistancecompanies.htm

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