Is Your Mobile Home Insurance Adequate?

Mobile home insurance is something that is necessary to prevent any unnecessary loss of funds in the event that your mobile home is damaged. While it is necessary to have basic insurance, there are many factors that go into a good mobile home policy. If you are getting a mobile home insurance quote, there are a few things you'll want to confirm. In order to make sure that you are protected, take a look at the policy and ask questions.


A fire loss is probably the most obvious loss that your policy can cover. Most policies out there cover against fire. However do not assume anything and be sure your policy covers fire loss and damage. If your mobile home was caught on fire, you could lose everything that you own in a manner of minutes. Most of the time, people do not have enough money in their bank account to pay for everything they own.

Storm Damage

Make sure that your mobile home policy covers storm and hail damage. Regardless of where you live, a storm could come through at any moment and tear the roof off of your home. Make sure that adjacent structures are covered under your policy as well. This means that if you have a shed or detached garage, you want to make sure that your policy covers them as well. Hail damage can damage the outside of your structures easily and insurance is necessary to make the repairs that you need.

Personal Property

Make sure that your policy covers personal property. When you add up the value of all of them, it can be quite substantial. Make sure that your mobile home policy covers the loss of your personal property. It could be damaged in a fire, storm, lightning strike or theft. Many policies also cover the loss of your property when it is away from your home. Just make sure that the policy you select covers the loss of your possessions and you will feel much safer.


Liability is essential in today's society. If you ever plan on having anyone over to your house, there is a chance that they could be injured. Accidents happen and you want to be prepared for them. A good mobile home policy will have liability protection built in. If someone slips on the steps to your mobile home and breaks their back, you do not want to be held personally responsible. Having an insurance company there to take over can save you thousands of dollars. They will pay for any necessary medical bills, pain and suffering, and limit any further exposure on your part. Just make sure that your policy has liability coverage and you will be protected.

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