Is it likely to Get Insurance While Pregnant?

It is possible to get life insurance while pregnant. Obtaining life insurance is important to protect against financial loss due to the death of a spouse. For a couple experiencing the joy of child birth, the devastation that comes with the loss of life can be exacerbated by the loss of financial support.

When to Apply for Insurance

When a woman is pregnant, it is best to apply for life insurance protection in the first trimester of pregnancy. If the policy is not applied for in the first trimester, you should wait until after the child has been born, about 30 days. The reason for this is in many cases a women who is pregnant develops a condition known as gestational diabetes. Although this does not mean that the woman is in fact diabetic, the appearance of the marker will cause her insurance rate to go up. After pregnancy, when the condition goes away, she will always be rated as a diabetic, even though this is not true.

Avoid a Negative Health Rating

To avoid having a health marker that results in a higher rating for insurance, applying before the condition appears or after it has gone is a smart way to go. It avoids having to explain the onset of a condition that is strictly related to pregnancy and future rating issues.

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