Is Affordable Group Health Insurance Available Anymore?

Access to affordable group health insurance in the United States typically comes through your employer. While the costs of health care are much greater today, heath insurance can be affordable if the consumer is intelligent with health care spending. Whether you are an employee or a business owner inquiring about providing health benefits, you can reduce your costs by exercising your best judgment.

Consumers: Utilize a Health Savings Account

A health savings account, or flexible spending account, allows you to reserve pre-tax dollars to spend on health care costs. You can elect higher deductibles on your insurance plan and still save money by spending your pre-tax dollars to pay your deductible. Health savings accounts are also great for family health insurance needs because they can be used on household items such as Band Aids, contact solution and over the counter medicines.

Business Owners: Offer Consumer-Driven Options

Keeping your group health insurance premiums low is easier if your employees make better choices. You can encourage these positive choices by offering consumer-driven options such as access to nurse hot-lines, urgent care facilities and primary care physicians. The more your employees use hospitals and emergency rooms, the higher their costs and yours. Arming your employees with the ability to make these decisions will keep your health insurance low, especially in a small business. Many companies also offer incentives for healthy choices such as quitting smoking or implementing weight management.

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