Insurance Coverage Details - Broken Windshield

Obtaining the type of coverage for insurance windshield, that is insuring damage to your windshield, is important for auto owners. A broken windshield represents a potential road hazard and risk to a driver. When your windshield is damaged by debris on the road or an object falling from the sky, your auto insurance policy should have a provision for its repair.

Broken Windshield Protection

Windshield repair insurance would be a rider that can be added to a standard auto insurance policy. The cost of repairing a damaged windshield can cost several hundreds of dollar. This cost is for minor work such as removing a small pockmark or hole to total replacement of a cracked or damaged windshield.

Out-of-Pocket Expense for Windshield Repair

An auto insurance policy that does not have a provision for windshield repair would require the policy owner to come out of pocket for the cost of repairing the window. The owner’s cost would be up to the selected amount of deductible on the policy. In many cases the cost of repair would be less than the deductible; however a policy owner with a high deductible may want to consider paying the additional premium cost to provide windshield damage protection.

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