Independent Dental Insurance Plans That Make You Smile

Independent dental insurance, is insurance obtained outside an employer. If you own your own business, or your job doesn't cover all your needs, independant insurance can be valuable.

Depending on the type coverage you choose, independent dental insurance can cover such dental work as basic cleanings, crowns, fillings, x-rays, and root canals. Independent insurance lets you mix and match the type of coverage and service you need based on the three main types of dental care:

  • Preventative Care – This includes examinations, fluoride cleanings, x-rays, and sealants;
  • Restorative Care – This includes fillings and basic extractions. Some insurers also consider root canals as restorative care, while others label it a major procedure;
  • Major Procedure – This includes dentures, crowns, partials, bridges, dental implants, and extractions that require surgery.
Independent dental insurance offers tailored, low-cost policies for the savvy shopper. Before settling on your insurance provider, ask about possible discounts (e.g. family plans) and other ways to save. Also ask if the insurer only covers in-network Dentists. If so, verify that your dentist is in their network.

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