How To Verify Hospital Bills After Discharge

Mistakes happen, but errors on your hospital bills can be costly. It's important to verify what you owe after discharge, to make sure that your bill is correct.

Confirm the Billing Information

Your hospital bill should have the correct spelling of your name. Hospitals send out numerous bills on a monthly basis, making it more likely than not that at least one patient might get the wrong bill. You don't want to end up paying for someone else's bill while owing money on your own bill. Check the social security number, insurance policy numbers, patient account numbers and other billing information.

Verify Room Charges

Hospitals charge a daily rate for the room you stay in. Verify that your bill has the correct daily rate, and the number of days you stayed in the room. If there's a discrepancy, such as a charge for the date of discharge, call the billing department and ask them to clarify or remove the extra charges. Ask them to resend a bill with the updated information.

Finally, check hospital bills for duplicate charges for services, room charges or care. It's easy to spot if you know to look for them. If you see an item number or description appearing twice, ask the billing department to adjust your bill to remove the second charge.

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