How To Go Through AARP To Get Dental Insurance

AARP dental insurance is a dental insurance policy that is available exclusive to AARP members and their families. It is issued by AARP and administered by the Delta Dental Insurance Company. AARP dental insurance aims to provide coverage that takes care of all the dental issues that are unique to seniors while remaining relatively affordable. That said, the policy only offers full coverage if the policyholders stay within its network of dental care providers. Policyholders who go outside of it (even if it's for a perfectly legitimate health reason) would have to pay more.

What AAPR Dental Insurance Offers

AARP dental insurance coverage can be divided into two stages. During the first year of coverage, it will cover check-ups, preventive care, periodic cleanings, denture repair, rebase and relining, basic restorative procedures such as fillings and oral surgical procedures. Once the year ends, the policy extends its coverage to periodontic care, crown and cast restorations, manufacture and fitting of dentures and treatments of jaw-related bone and joint problems.

AARP dental insurance policyholders can choose from two different coverage plans - Plan A and Plan B. Both provides the types of coverage detailed above, but the way policyholders pay for them is different. Plan A covers 100% of diagnostic and preventive care, while Plan B covers 80%. Premiums and other insurance rates vary depending on the state, but they always higher with Plan A.

As mentioned before, policyholders will have to pay substantially less if they stay within the Delta Dental Insurance network. Staying within the network has other benefits. Delta Dental Insurance handles all the paperwork and pays its share of the costs directly to the dental care providers, which means that policyholders do not have to pay the full price and wait for reimbursement. Furthermore, Delta Dental Insurance screens the dentists within its network to make sure that the dental care their offer meets their standards. Policyholders are free to change doctors without notifying Delta Dental Insurance so long as they stay within the network. Policyholders can look up network dental care providers by calling a  toll-free number (1-866-583-2085) between 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM Eastern Time.

Joining AARP

In order to apply for AARP dental insurance, one must be either an AARP member or have a relative who is a member. Applying for membership is fairly straightforward. Applicants must be at least 50 years old and they must pay their membership fees regularly. Contrary to common assumptions, they do not have to be retired, nor do they have to be citizens of United States.

Applicants can apply for membership by filling out an application on AARP's official website ( As part of the application, they will be required to pay an annual fee. It is $16.00 for US residents, $17.00 for residents of Canada and Mexico, and $19.00 for residents of other countries. So long as they keep paying the fees every year, their membership will remain in place.

Applying for AAPR Dental Health Insurance

Once their membership is accepted, the newly minted AARP members can apply for AARP dental insurance. They must go to the AARP home page and click on the "Services and Discounts" tab located at the top of the page. Once there, they must click on the "Heath" button located directly under the title. The dental insurance link is located in the middle of the page. When they click on it, they will be redirected to Delta Dental Insurance's website. At this point, all they have to do is follow the prompts until the application is complete.


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