How to Find Qualified Accident Insurance Advice

Finding qualified accident insurance advice means locating an insurance agent that sells accident insurance protection. The agent should have experience selling accident insurance coverage to individuals and understand the need for accident insurance protection. Accident insurance provides a benefit when a person is injured or killed as a result of an accidental event. This protection can be purchased as a standalone policy, which is referred to as accident death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance. It can also be attached as a rider to a life insurance policy as well.

Finding a Qualified Agent

A qualified agent that provides advice concerning AD&D coverage should be in the business for several years. The person should be able to discuss with you the need and importance of having AD&D coverage and how such insurance fits in your insurance plan. A good agent will not attempt to sell you a policy, particularly an expensive one, without finding out about your needs and concerns regarding insurance and accident insurance.

What Qualified Advice Consists Of

Qualified advice consists of the agent sitting down with you over 1 or a series of meetings to determine all of your insurance needs. It is not necessary for the agent to have a lot of certifications but a core understanding of insurance and the products sold by their company is in order. The agent should be a good listener and ask proving questions in order to uncover need and match that need with the right product for your accident insurance protection.

Looking Online for an Agent

Finding a qualified accident insurance agent and advice on accident insurance can be as simple as searching the internet or phone listings to find a life and health insurance agent in your area. Calling a local chapter of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors or Independent Insurance Agents Association can provide the names of qualified agents in your area. The state commission or department of insurance may also be a resource for you to use for locating a qualified agent who can provide advice on accident insurance.

Use Friends for Referrals

You may also considering contacting friends and colleagues who have purchased accident insurance protection. They can recommend you to an agent that they worked with or point you toward resources used to uncover a good agent with qualified advice. Referrals are a power tool in finding the right person to meet your insurance needs by putting you in touch with a person who is more in tune with your needs.

Call different agents and meet with several before deciding on whom to do business with.  Doing your research and asking around should put you in touch with the agent who can best meet your accident insurance needs and provide you with the most qualified advice.



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