How To Find Cheap Car Insurance for Students

When looking for cheap car insurance for students its best to know a few tricks of the trade. Although car insurance tends to be more expensive for younger, more inexperienced drivers, there are ways to get cheap car insurance for students and other young drivers.

Remain on Your Parents’ Policy

Ask your car insurer if you can stay on your parent's insurance policy as a secondary driver.  This alone could save you a lot of money each year.  Insurance providers will reduce your insurance costs because the record of a parent has typically been established for many years.

Discounts for Responsible Students

Car insurers reward individuals who show that they’re responsible. Young drivers can prove that they’re responsible by earning good grades in school or for simply being part of the Dean’s List or Honor Roll.  The drivers can provide letters of recommendation from their dean, or report cards to show their responsible behaviour.

 Low-Mileage Policies

Many insurers offer cheap car insurance for college students by providing low-mileage policies for those who only drive when school is not in session (e.g. holiday break, summertime). So if your car remains parked in your parents' driveway a majority of the year, ask your insurer about a low-mileage discount.

Take a Driving Class

Another way to get cheap car insurance for students is by taking a defensive driving class or or a driving safety class. Some insurers offer a savings of up to $200 a year simply by taking a driving class.
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