How To Find Affordable Insurance Rates

Finding affordable insurance rates requires some effort in order to secure the best deal for you.  This task can be accomplished by calling different companies for their rates, performing an online search or asking people you know about the insurance they have and the rates they received.  All of these methods have advantages and disadvantages but for the smart consumer may provide a way to secure affordable insurance coverage.

Call Different Insurance Companies

Calling several insurance companies provides you with a way to obtain rate quotes for your insurance needs.  The agent or representative that you speak with is trained to ask the appropriate questions regarding your insurance needs and process your request.  


•The agent is a licensed professional who is trained to ask the right questions and provide you with the best quote, given your situation and insurance needs.

•Calling different companies provides you with a wide range of insurance rate information for you to compare.


•It is a labor intensive task and will take time for you to call each company and obtain information.

•The quote that you receive may be based on the company’s best or preferred rate and not take into account any particular aspects of your situation.

Search Online for Rates

Using the internet to search for insurance rates is an easy way to compare and shop.  The internet can provide you with sites that list multiple insurance company ratings and give you a ranking of which insurance company meets your needs.  Any search engine or website can provide you with access to various insurance companies and insurance product rates.


•Performing an online search gives you a one-stop shopping advantage when searching for and comparing rates for different companies.

•You are able to choose the most affordable rate and apply for coverage with a simple mouse click.


•The rate information may not be specifically tailored to your situation or needs, resulting in an inaccurate quote.

•The information provided may not be up-to-date.

Ask Friends and Family

Talk to family members and acquaintances about their recent insurance purchases.  Their experience and recommendations may provide you with insight about which company to go to and the best rates that are available.


•A personal referral gives you peace of mind and helps validate your decision to work with a particular insurance company.

•You can obtain affordable coverage that is backed by the recommendation of people that you know and trust.


•The rates that your friends and family receive are not reflective of your situation and may result in you receiving a higher quote.

•There are factors associated with an insurance quote that go beyond friends and family, particularly those who are not in the insurance business.

Finding affordable insurance coverage takes some work but has a huge payoff if done successfully.  Performing your due diligence and doing your homework will help you find the best coverage and rates that are custom tailored to your needs.

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