How To File A Disability Insurance Claim

If you are hurt, mentally or physically, and cannot perform your routine job, you need to file a disability insurance claim. It is your responsibility to file a disability insurance claim; your employer will not do it for you. Filing a claim properly is all about following the correct steps.

What You'll Need

  • Contact information of the person that sold you the policy
  • Medical documentation
  • Your policy information
  • Claim form
Step 1 -  Your Role

After you get injured and stop working, immediately contact your insurance company. Find out if you are eligible to receive benefits.  Ask the insurance company for a claim form and take time to fill it out completely and accurately. File your claim form as soon as possible. If you file your claim late, the insurance company may reject your submission. Make sure that you can provide specific dates of things, such as hospital stays.   

Step 2 - Your Doctor’s Role

Your primary care doctor needs to work on the second part of the claim form. He/she needs to state your exact diagnosis, provide dates that you were unable to work on, estimate your recovery time, and explain his/her opinion on how the injury occurred. Without a definite diagnosis, you will not be covered.

Step 3 -  Your Employer’s Role

Your employer needs to confirm the last date that you worked and the reason that you stopped working. Your wages need to be recorded and other money related issues, such as continued pay statistics, need to be reported.   

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