How to Choose a Children's Health Insurance Plan

A children’s health insurance plan provides benefits associated with any medical expenses associated with a child being sick. A parent that is looking to purchase a child health insurance plan should look into acquiring a family health plan that covers all of the members of a family, including a child. Buying a separate child health insurance plan may duplicate benefits already provided in the health insurance plan that you have available through an employer or a spouse’s employer.

Age of Dependency

Children are considered dependents of their parents. For insurance purposes a dependant is 18 or 19 years of age and lives at home. A child who is in college may also be considered dependent until age 21 or 25, depending on the state. Under these circumstances, providing a separate children’s health insurance plan would duplicate coverage that a husband, wife or single parent already has available to them.

Adding a Child to a Parent’s Health Insurance Plan

Acquiring separate children’s health insurance protection will also result in additional premium costs and fees associated with the plan. Because the contract is for the benefit of the child and paid for by the parent, simply placing a child on your coverage makes more sense and will save you on an unnecessary additional cost.

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