How Much Is Motorcycle Insurance?

How much is motorcycle insurance? As with automobiles, motorcycle insurance costs depend on the bike you are insurance, your driving record and other demographic information.

The cost of motorcycle insurance depends on several factors, including:
  • the type of motorcycle you ride
  • the insurance company you choose
  • your driving and/or riding history
  • the amount of coverage you receive
  • discounts you are eligible for
  • where you live
Depending on these factors, motorcycle insurance can cost as little as $150/year and as much as $2,500/year. A good way to significantly lower your premium is to increase your deductible.

Minimum Coverage

Most states have a minimum limit for motorcycle insurance. A general rule of thumb is to get at least liability on your motorcycle, in case you are involved in an accident that injures someone else. Liability alone will cost you between $100 and $400 per year.

How to Find the Best Rate

One of the best places to search for an insurance quote is online, because 99% of motorcyclists ask, "How much is motorcycle insurance?" You can visit your state's Department of Insurance to learn more about various insurance companies, rates, customer ratings and reviews, claims tips, and much more. If you already own automobile insurance, simply contact that company and ask if they offer motorcycle insurance as well. If you get both types of insurance through one company, you're likely to receive a discount on one or both.

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