How Much Is Home Insurance?

Wondering how much home insurance is? The average cost of home insurance varies from state to state and is dependant upon the value of your home and its relative location. Based on reports from National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), the average annual price for home insurance is between $700 and $850.

How much is home insurance in your area? Areas prone to natural disasters and crime will commonly have rates as high as $950 to $1300 a year. States that are not subject to these dangers can have rates as low as $400 to $500.

A number of other factors will influence your home insurance. In general, if your homeowners insurance deductible is high, your premium will most likely be low. The higher the value of your home and personal property the higher your premium will be. This is especially true if you opt for guaranteed replacement cost home insurance. In general, single family dwellings will have a lower home insurance cost than multi-family units.


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