How Is Extent Of Pregnancy Disability Insurance Determined?

Don P.

Most insurance companies do not provide pregnancy disability insurance.  Disability insurance provides a benefit for individuals who become disabled and are unable to work for a period of time.  Whether pregnancy is considered to be a disability or not depends on the language contained in the policy. Most insurers do not view pregnancy as a disability and will not provide benefits for disability. The exception to this is if the insured suffers from some type of disabling condition during pregnancy that makes working impossible.

California Fair Employment and Housing Act

California, through its Fair Employment and Housing Act, provides benefits for pregnant women.  This benefit is paid under the paid family leave insurance program.  No other state offers this level of benefit for pregnancy disability, although under the federal Family Leave Act, a pregnant worker may take paid and unpaid time off.

How Benefit are Determined

The amount of benefit determined is based on the pregnant worker’s income and the amount of benefits payable under their plan.  California employers who participate in a voluntary disability plan must include a paid family leave benefit for pregnancy disability.  Employees of a California employer who do not provide a voluntary disability plan would receive their benefit through the state disability fund.

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