How Group Auto Insurance Makes an Accident OK

Group auto insurance provides businesses and organizations with the most affordable deals on auto insurance for their employees and members. When you’re in an accident, how you’re going to pay for the disaster is the last thing on your mind—until the bills start rolling in a month later. Understand how group auto insurance works and you’ll understand how it makes an accident ok.

Who is Eligible

Group auto insurance is primarily available through two venues:
  • companies – Businesses both large and small that take advantage of group auto insurance plans provide their employees with access to incredible auto insurance coverage at some of the most competitive rates around.
  • organizations – When your employer doesn’t offer group auto insurance, join an organization that does. Kiwanis; a rotary club; a church, temple, or mosque; or a community service organization are just a few examples of organizations that may offer access to group auto insurance.
Group Auto Insurance Advantages

Why bother with group insurance when your individual insurance plan works fine? Consider some of these advantages:
  • freedom of choice – No group auto insurance plan institutes mandatory participation. Although the group plans are easily some of the best deals around, you’re free to leave the plan at any time should you find you prefer your own individual plan or another family member’s plan.
  • flexible payment terms – Just because you’ll be part of a group plan, that doesn’t mean everyone in the group has to pay the same way. Most group auto insurance plans offer flexible payment terms with no interest or service charges. Pay twice a year or every other month—or whatever best suits you.
  • save money – The auto insurance provider is saving on administrative and marketing costs by servicing your employer or organization as a group. They also don’t need to conduct as extensive a background check, as they rely on the procedures your group conducts when you are hired or you join. That means that the provider can afford to give you auto insurance at the lowest possible rate.
Incentives for Businesses and Organizations

If you’re in charge of a business or organization, or you have the power to make suggestions that will improve your group, consider group auto insurance. Some of group plan incentives include:
  • attractiveness – Offering a group auto insurance plan will attract more productive employees or members to your business or organization. Benefits such as insurance are the second most important aspect of a job offer that most employees consider. People who might not have otherwise joined an organization may join if they are aware of how much money they can save on insurance.
  • ease – Adding a group plan to your business or organization will add no additional major work or headache to your group. Administrative procedures and servicing are handled by your auto insurance provider. All you have to do is have your employees or members fill out a form.
When You’re in an Accident

When the worst occurs, you can count on your large network to back you up. Group insurance may be relatively cheap, but that doesn’t mean that the coverage is lacking. On the contrary, group auto insurance is some of the most extensive coverage available, even covering your family members, including teens and other high-risk drivers.

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