How Does The Partnership For Prescription Assistance Help You?

The Partnership for Prescription Assistance program (PPA) provides assistance to people that are unable to afford their prescription medications. The program is a partnership between many of the large pharmaceutical companies in an effort to offer free or reduced rate prescription drugs. This helps those individuals with limited resources afford their medications, which in many cases may be necessary to help the person keep living.

How the Program Works

The program works by providing information about the different types of prescription drugs that qualify under the program. An application form is completed providing information to the partnership or consortium in order for the benefits of the assistance to be provided. Applicants receive a prescription card that is good at nearly every pharmacy that allows them to receive their listed medications at a reduced rate or for no charge.

Benefits of the Partnership Program

The program helps only individuals that are unable to afford their medications but also those individual who do not need assistance. By providing a way for uninsured or underinsured Americans to gain access to their prescription medications, this lowers the cost of health care. This is accomplished through lowering admissions and hospital stays, reliance on emergency rooms as primary care facilities and ultimately reducing the demand on healthcare services.


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