How Does AARP Auto Insurance Work?

AARP auto insurance is offered to help insure automobiles at a fair rate. The Hartford insurance company provides seniors with the policy on behalf of AARP. The Hartford has been around for a long time and their integrity is unquestionable in the industry. They have some great benefits for retired people and can help them save money on their monthly premiums as well. 

 The Basics

The one downside to looking for an AARP policy is that you do not have many choices. The only choice available is Hartford. Although every other AARP program requires that you are a member, this one does not. You can be younger and a non-member and still qualify. It is unlike any other program that they offer and has the ability to benefit a lot of people.  


You must be over the age of 50 for special auto insurance policy benefits. For example, if you have this type of insurance coverage as a member of AARP, you receive special rates and lifetime policy renewal. When you get older, it is nice to know that a company will guarantee policy renewal to you no matter your age. Part of these benefits is that the insurance company has a very good idea of what you will drive like. You have a driving record that has spanned several decades. Therefore, they can limit their risk by giving these policies to good drivers.

Another benefit that AARP members can receive is new car replacement. This is a very valuable benefit if you like to drive new cars. If you were involved in an accident with a new car, you may be upside down on your loan. With new car replacement, the company will actually pay to completely replace it with another new car. They can take care of any outstanding balances and get you a similar car.

An online billing center is another benefit that AARP members receive for having car insurance with them. With the online billing center, it is much easier to keep up with your bills and payments. You can stay on top of your payment and make sure that you do not have any gaps in coverage from not paying your premium.

Shop Around

While AARP insurance offers more benefits than a traditional car insurance company, it is not always the cheapest. Just because a policy has the AARP sticker on it, does not mean you are saving money. Before you sign on the dotted line, check out some other policies first. If your number one goal is to save money, you might be able to find a cheaper policy out there in the market.

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