How Common is Group/Individual Health Insurance Comparatively?

There are many things to consider when you compare group individual health insurance. When it comes down to the bare essentials, many people choose the insurance that offers the best price. When you compare individual health insurance with group insurance you will find that group rates offer more buying power at a  more affordable price.

More Flexible In Needs

One of the most common needs in health insurance is having it customized to your needs. A lot of group insurance policies are standard policies that everyone in the company receives. While you can add additional coverage, it is not commonly done at the start. With individual insurance you have the opportunity to tailor it for you and your family’s needs.

Group Insurance Most Sought After

Recent surveys have shown that group insurance is the most highly sought after type of insurance. The number one reason that they are the most popular is for the price, but a close second is for the ease of services as well. Most employers offer some sort of medical insurance for full time employment. Some employers will also offer a limited insurance for part time work.

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