How Can The Automobile Insurance Bureau Help You?

The purpose of the Automobile Insurance Bureau is to collect, compile, and analyze automobile statistics. The AIB uses this information to make recommendations to the Commissioner of Insurance regarding premiums, rates, classes, policies, and other motor vehicle related issues. The AIB also uses this information to provide services to their members.

Broad Market-Based Knowledge

The Automobile Insurance Bureau has built a comprehensive understanding of market trends, the types of accidents that occur most often, the type of auto insurance that is best to have, and a host of other comprehensive issues related to automobiles and insurance.

Forms for Commercial Auto Members

The Automobile Insurance Bureau has every commercial vehicle form there is. There are forms for coverage, forms for premium calculation, forms for business coverage, trucker coverage, public transportation, and tractor trailer insurance forms.

Forms for Private Passenger Auto Members

The Automobile Insurance Bureau carries all relevant forms for personal vehicle members including forms for coverage, renewal forms, cancellation forms, mileage discount forms, and forms to transfer insurer and forms for non renewal. The AIB has all forms used by private passenger auto members.

Consumer Guides

The Automobile Insurance Bureau has a wealth of consumer guides that can help members buy the right insurance. The Automobile Insurance Bureau has consumer guides on:

  • How to buy automobile insurance
  • Explanations for the various components of automobile insurance
  • Which vehicles are cheapest to insure and why
  • How to save the most on your automobile insurance

The staff at the Automobile Insurance Bureau is happy to meet with a member to discuss his or her personal needs.

Claims Data Recording

The Automobile Insurance Bureau plays an active role in recording claims and using that information to assist their members in areas of fraud and areas with the highest incident rates.

How does this help members? If a member is in the market to purchase a vehicle the Automobile Insurance Bureau can check to make sure that everything is above board and that there is nothing fraudulent about the sale. For example, the vehicle isn’t stolen, it hasn’t been in an accident and written off, or that it can legally be sold.

The Automobile Insurance Bureau can also help by telling members about the patterns and trends in their area that will affect their insurance rate.

Interaction and Support with State Governments

The Automobile Insurance Bureau staff can act on your behalf with various state government agencies.
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