Homeowners Insurance - Repair Your Home After Damages

Home insurance repair settlements may take a day or two to resolve, depending on the circumstances surrounding the damage to your home. Regardless of the time required to receive the settlement check from your homeowner’s insurance company, you should begin making arrangements for the repair of damage to your home immediately.

Repair Do’s and Don’ts

Before the adjuster has finished his/her investigation and valuation of your claim and you have reached a settlement, you should avoid making any permanent repairs if possible. Most homeowner’s insurance policies allow for making temporary repairs to your home to which are needed to protect your home and property from further damage or loss. Only after you have reached a settlement with your homeowner’s policy carrier should you proceed to making permanent repairs to make your home livable.

When making temporary repairs to your home, make sure to heed the following tips:

  • Ask your insurance company for a list of companies authorized to do the work in your area.
  • Make sure to get at least 2 or 3 estimates to avoid over billing issues.
  • Before making temporary any repairs take pictures or video of all damage to your home.
  • Save your receipts.
  • If you’re not sure if a repair will be considered permanent or temporary, ask your claims agent.
  • Don’t throw away damaged or destroyed building materials and personal items until after the adjuster inspects your home and you reach a settlement.
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