Home Daycare Insurance: Protect Your Home Business

If you operate a daycare out of your home, it is critical that you have home daycare insurance to protect your business. You should look for a policy that covers injuries to children and also one that protects you from abuse allegations. Be sure to get adequate coverage for the number of children that use your services.

Factors to Consider when Selecting Daycare Insurance

  • Do you transport children in your personal vehicle? Not all auto insurance policies cover daycare services.
  • Do you have adequate coverage under your homeowner’s policy? Check your policy to see if it is subject to specific exclusions. Your agent may be able to supply you with a special rider on your policy that expands your coverage.
When dealing with children, it’s almost inevitable that an accident of some kind will occur. Even small incidents can blossom into complex legal nightmares. It’s best to error on the side of caution and properly protect yourself and your business.  Having proper daycare insurance will do this and give you piece of mind.

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